Chamber Kilns up to 1600°C

  • short firing cycles due to a full fiber insulation
  • rapid change of material by electric forklift
  • high energie performance because of heat recovery

Chamber Kilns up to 1750°C              

  • fast fire with minimal energy consumption
  • combination of corundum ceramic fiber insulation
  • SIC-Inconel heat exchange system

Shuttle Kiln up to 1750°C

  • fast car exchange with shuttle/hub system
  • combination of corundum ceramic fiber insulation
  • air / water heat exchanger in the exhaust gas stream

Continuous Kilns up to 1500°C

  • short heating cycles and variable lead times
  • combination of micro-fiber ceramic insulation
  • integrated heat exchanger systems in the airflow

Bulk Good Kiln up to 1450°C

  • fastest firing times with minimal energy consumption
  • absolute recovery of residual heat for preheating
  • SIC-Inconel heat exchanger system in the kiln

Thermal Afterburning

  • exhaust amounts of 300-5000 m³/h
  • preheating of exhaust with countercurrent
  • integrated energy recovery air / water

Drying Machinery

  • shorter drying times of bulk goods
  • advanced control system for chamber dryer
  • humidity control with intelligent and mutual air duct in the drying process

Kiln Fixtures and Spare Parts